Thought-provoking tap dance that is catchy and surprising.

The Sebastian Weber Dance Company shows dance that wants to express something and tells a story. Wide awake, sweaty and nimble. Angry, tender, cheesy, silly, but never indifferent.

Our dance is a way to face the world. We develop dance pieces on topics that move us in everyday life and allow us to find our position on social issues. To dance is to navigate in wild waters; it’s an ongoing search and progression.


Online Workshops April

Let’s dance! Online Workshops and LATE NIGHT SHUFFLE on 17. and 18. April we’re hosting a kind-of mini festival online! First we stream three workshops: Jep Meléndez from Tenerife teaches

Screenshot Cowboys short film

COWBOYS Backstage Video Online

The great Leipzig filmmaker Alina Cyranek accompanied the company during the rehearsals for COWBOYS in April 2019 and made this film of it: credits backstage footage of SEBASTIAN WEBER DANCE

SWDC jamming

SWDC expands

Two more dancers in 2021 In view of increasing guest performances and newly planned productions, the company will expand by two dancers from 2021. Fantastic colleagues from all over Europe



Community & Outreach


September 2022

09.September 20:00 - 00:00
Theater Idar-Oberstein Wilhelmstraße 22
11.September 20:00 - 00:00
Theater Idar-Oberstein Wilhelmstraße 22

October 2022

01.October 20:00 - 00:00
COWBOYS Mehr erfahren
Salzlandtheater Tränental 6, Staßfurt