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44 minutes


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Touch is a light, curious, sensitive piece about the power of touch. Touch is a primal language and vital for humans. However, touch is becoming increasingly rare in everyday life – and not just since Corona. And in tap dance, touch doesn’t really occur at all. With Touch we have changed that.

On stage you see 36 square meters of white sand. A barefoot pas de deux of tap unfolds on it: the pair of dancers first slowly, then more and more playfully and confidently, feel their way out of an entangled silence into a vortex of closeness and distance. Through the calmness and concentration of the choreography, you as a spectator are drawn into the story of the couple and experience touch as a multifaceted exchange.

Bringing touch and tap dance together was more difficult than expected – and then all the more gratifying when it finally worked. In the end, we also changed as dancers through the process.


“Masterfully built on sand. Strong image for the power of what touch can do.”
Steffen Georgi, Leipziger Volkszeitung
“A story danced at a high level between a woman and a man full of associations and at the same time abstractions, so that as a spectator you can take pleasure in your own search for meaning of the whole.”
“... this at first very sensitive physical togetherness then increases into rhythmic wildness.”
“Highly emotional, intense and absolutely professional [...] - contemporary tap dance.”
Wolfgang Schilling, MDR Kultur


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Helen Duffy

Nikolai Kemeny


Helen Duffy
Nikolai Kemeny

Sebastian Weber + Company

Choreography assistance
Michela Pesce

Tom Badger

Costume design
Anna Spenn

Production Management
Josepha Vogel

Gesa Volland and Sebastian Weber GbR in cooperation with LOFFT – Das Theater

by the Hessian State Ballet in the framework of the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main.

Sponsored by
City of Leipzig, Cultural Office
Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony
This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon State Parliament.