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80 minutes


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Cowboys is an angry play about populists in power. About the pied pipers who stage themselves as lone warriors against the establishment and are celebrated and sanctified by their “people” for it. It’s about the thrill of violence, the bizarre buffoonery. It’s about the power of these underdog stories, and our role in them.

Populism is show. But showbiz is our turf!

Cowboys is energized by the fantastic live music of the Werner Neumann Electric Trio. The piece is rougher and darker than the others, jumpy, confusing. A mix of intoxication and requiem. Dancing Cowboys is an intense journey: it starts as a western cliché and then rolls off like an avalanche until a moment of complete silence where we can start anew.

With Cowboys we won the Saxon Dance Award 2019 as a complete surprise.


“Truly compelling!”
Radio Mephisto Leipzig
“Political tap dance theater”
MDR Kultur
“As if one were trying to dance against the rampant dimensions of self-destruction, in which even dancers sometimes quite figuratively fall by the wayside.”
Radio Mephisto Leipzig
“[...] that this dance company is on its way, there's no mistaking that.”
Boris Michael Gruhl,
“When the collective wall of energy crashes on the audience. It seems like a reference to those long-gone times when dancing still helped because it was a sacred and therein healing act.”
Steffen Georgi, Leipziger Volkszeitung
“Highly virtuosic dance, in every conceivable formation and variation with wonderfully humorous theatrical interludes exceedingly skillfully, indeed, grandly dramaturgically constructed.”
Claudia Feest, Laudation Sächsischer Tanzpreis


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Andrea Alvergue

Helen Duffy 

Janne Eraker

Vilma Kananen

Nikolai Kemeny

Samuel Vère

Sebastian Weber


Andrea Alvergue
Helen Duffy
Janne Eraker
Vilma Kananen
Nikolai Kemeny
Samuel Vère
Sebastian Weber

Sebastian Weber + Company

Choreography assistance
Michela Pesce

Werner Neumann (guitars)
Steffen Greisiger (organ)
Tom Friedrich (drums)

Werner Neumann, Steffen Greisiger

Dramaturgical advice
Lidy Mouw
Guy Cools

Jakob Bauer

Production Management
Josepha Vogel

Tom Badger

Gesa Volland and Sebastian Weber GbR in partnership with LOFFT – Das Theater

Supported by
Federal Cultural Foundation, Fonds Doppelpass
Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony
City of Leipzig, Cultural Office

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