We mix together what we like from talk shows and late nights: we let ourselves be questioned, tell hilarious anecdotes in various languages, play embarrassing party games - and dance.
The audience talks offer a space for open exchange between spectators and dancers.
With our workshops, participants experience the thrill of tap dance and the creative process even without prior knowledge.
What wine tasting is to wine, dance tasting is to dance.
We invite students to develop their own movements and choreographies in a workshop on the rehearsal stage of the company.
What the wine tasting is for wine, the dance tasting is for dance: in a relaxed atmosphere we present a selection of different scenes from our repertoire. In addition, we tell you how and where these scenes were created, what they mean to us, what is difficult or easy about them ...
Open rehearsals are the most intimate exchange between company and audience. You come to our rehearsal space and we show you what we are working on.
The COWBOYS CONCERT is a mixture of party and performance, where all audience members learn a simple choreography in the style of our production COWBOYS and dance it together with dancers of the company and a live band!