Dance Tasting

What wine tasting is to wine, dance tasting is to dance.

In a relaxed atmosphere we present a selection of different scenes from our repertoire. In addition, we tell you how and where these scenes were created, what they mean to us, what is difficult or easy about them ….

You can compare and ask questions, see moments again or discover details, hear anecdotes and backgrounds – and find out what you like best.

This encounter is also inspiring for us, because we are curious to know how our dance is received by you. We don’t want to dance only for experts, but especially for people who don’t seek their cultural experience in the ivory tower.

Dance Tastings are for anyone who has ever wondered if they “get” dance correctly. They are also good for dance lovers who would like to talk to us personally and learn something about the background of our ideas. Or for people who simply want an unusual evening where you can be a spectator and have a lively conversation.


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