Folk Fiction

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62 minutes


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From the family to the nation, from the church community to the political movement: Collective identities shape who we are, how we think and feel. They regulate who belongs and who doesn’t. They mobilize masses and shape society. Are freely invented, but radically effective.

In Folk Fiction we invent our own folklore as a wild mix of self-portrait and utopia with pomp and poetry, silliness and seriousness, always carried by the throbbing groove of the step.

Folk Fiction is compositionally more complex than our previous pieces: Each of us dances a different version of the choreography, but it all comes together in a moving mosaic, creating images of cohesion and division, group rapture and ritual.

It was through Folk Fiction that we really became a company. In this way, the work on collective identity actually became identity-forming.


“All bodies become instruments, with energy flowing from the soles of the feet, from the tips of the toes, through all parts of the body, to the arms and fingertips. That very energy eventually sets everyone and everything in irresistible motion.”
“For all the enthusiasm, which is reflected in the long applause of the premiere audience, this also makes one think. Primal violence, after all, exists in many forms.”
Rhein-Neckar Zeitung
“A work that is compelling in its sheer form of impetuous immediacy. In a sequence of loosely linked dance sets, Weber and his dancers power to the point of exhaustion.”
Steffen Georgi, Leipziger Volkszeitung


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Andrea Alvergue

Helen Duffy

Janne Eraker

Vilma Kananen

Nikolai Kemeny

Samuel Vère

Sebastian Weber


Andrea Alvergue
Helen Duffy
Janne Eraker
Vilma Kananen
Nikolai Kemeny
Samuel Vère
Sebastian Weber

Sebastian Weber + Company

Choreography assistance
Michela Pesce

Steffen Fuchs

Costume Designer
Anna Spenn in cooperation with the costume department of Theater Koblenz

Thomas Knopp
Jakob Bauer

Composition and musical direction
Christoph HIllmann
Christian Grothe
Sebastian Weber

Gangbe Brass Band
Ernesto Aznarán
Antonio Vilchez
Andreas Dänel
Gregor Lener

Production management
Josepha Vogel in cooperation with the KBB of Theater Koblenz

Tom Badger
Jörg Singer

Gesa Volland + Sebastian Weber GbR
in partnership with Theater Koblenz

Supported by
German Federal Cultural Foundation, Fonds Doppelpass