Sebastian Weber Dance Company

  • Sebastian Weber Dance Company
  • Sebastian Weber Dance Company
  • Sebastian Weber Dance Company

Sebastian Weber Dance Company

  • Sebastian Weber Dance Company
  • Sebastian Weber Dance Company
  • Sebastian Weber Dance Company

We dance to inspire change, to find truths and try utopias. We believe in the transformative power of art. Our dancing is part of real life and creates a strong, physical experience for our audience.

Dancers and Team

Andrea Alvergue

Andrea makes every dance her personal story, full of echoes and resonances. When she dances, a door always opens.

She studied ballet, contemporary dance and tap in Honduras, Canada and Spain. Her current projects include the duo “Blue Taps” with Nikolai Kemeny and touring with the Swing Machine Orchestra in Spain. In 2021, her piece RAVEL premiered in Leipzig.

On the side, Andrea completed a law degree in Madrid. Since 2019 she lives in Leipzig and is now learning German.

Helen Duffy

No one makes precision look as fleet-footed and hard work look as joyful as Helen. Her mix of humor and passion gives us the kick to go one step further.

Helen studied at Bird College, as well as in New York and Barcelona, is a member of the successful English company “Old Kent Road” and produces Duffy’s Jam in London. Her project PACE helps children with special needs.

Her Britney Spears tributes with Vilma are legendary.

Janne Eraker

Janne’s creativity is smart, playful and unpredictable. She shifts effortlessly from pragmatism to poetry, from trivial to profound. Her observation is incorruptible and constantly makes us better.

In numerous projects Janne explores tap dance from a contemporary perspective: from the solo performance “Rhythm is a Dancer”, to the noise art duo “Lamborghini”, to the installation performance “Tap Noir”, in which her dance triggers stroboscopes and sound effects.

She knows where to find the best coffee.

Gaëtan Farnier

Gaetan is an energy drink on two legs. Always on the move, always ready-to-go: from swing parties to parcour. In France, he even competed as a ninja warrior on TV.

Gaetan began tap dancing as a child and graduated from the Professional Tap Dance Program at Escola Luthier in Barcelona. Today he is a sought-after dancer in numerous projects, such as the UNUM project by choreographer Estefania Porqueras, LA BANDA STREET GROOVE or SABOR – LIFE IS RHYTHM.

Together with Nik and Fran, Gaetan puts a big pot of fitness food on the lunch table on long rehearsal days.

Vilma Kananen

Vilma is the queen of extremes: she can switch abruptly from weightlessness to big bang and finds poetry where others don’t even look. Her power is amazing.

She received her training as a tap dancer at the Escola Luthier in Barcelona, studied music and sings in successful Swedish bands. In her youth she was a competitive figure skater.

Nikolai Kemeny

Nik is our athlete. He is boundlessly fit, but then pushes himself to the point of exhaustion in dance. Passion, technical brilliance and his love for jazz characterize his style.

His projects include collaborations with Andrea Alvergue in “Blue Taps” and the “Swing Machine Orchestra”, various big band concerts and his tap dance film album LAZARUS.

Nik is our DJ on the road. He can sleep anywhere and be extremely funny.

Michela Pesce

No one knows the repertoire and sociology of the company like Michela. As choreography assistant, she is Sebastian’s sparring partner. She knows all (!) parts of most of our repertoire and is the most important source of feedback for the company. During performances, she connects with the house technicians and runs the show.

Michela leads a double life and travels around the world with a variety program under the stage name Samaki. Her one-woman show “Confused Girl” features a mix of juggling, dance and comedy.

Sam Vère

With his calm and attentiveness, Sam is a rock in the surf, but beneath the gentle surface pulses the agility of a panther. Anyone who saw him go down in the first scene of COWBOYS wants Sam as a bodyguard.

Sam has been tap dancing since he was 5 years old, graduated from the Escola Luthier in Barcelona, and now performs in Spain and France with various jazz and tap projects when he’s not performing on a luxury liner in the Caribbean.

His quiche and crepes are the best.

Sebastian Weber

Long and lanky, Sebastian is something of an anti-dancer, but he is capable of a floating phrasing and hypnotizes with self-effacing intensity.

Sebastian has been choreographing eclectic, often multimedia pieces that explore tap dance as a contemporary form of expression for some 30 years. At the beginning of his career, he met the masters of Jazz Tap Chuck Green, Buster Brown and Lon Chaney, who continue to inspire him today.

At the very beginning Sebastian once dreamed of a career as a ballet dancer. It was hopeless.

Fran Žuglić

Our movie star and master of dry humor. Fran is one of our “understudies” and has already taken over the parts of many different dancers in our repertoire. He can do such things.

Fran danced and acted in the successful Croatian movie “Lea i Darija” at the age of 14, reached the finals of the TV show “Croatia Got Talent” in 2017 and performed in Croatia’s biggest arena next to superstar Nina Badrić in 2020.

Tim Rosentreter

As Touring Manager, Tim organizes our performance schedule. He is travel agent, booking agency and foreign minister all in one. Often also technician and driver. His curiosity and passion energize our network.

Outside of the company, he is a speaker in performances by Bruno Brandes (Zurich/Berlin), writes poetry and essays, produces the gaming podcast “Hidden Gems” and develops new TV entertainment formats as managing director of “The Showmasters”.

At premiere parties and after work, Tim has been seen with remarkable moves on the dancefloor!

Jenny Schmidt

Jenny is our administrative manager and the backbone of the company. She manages the finances, writes reports and keeps the office in order. Even in the face of soccer field-sized Excel spreadsheets, she stays cheerful!

Jenny studied theater sciences in Leipzig and Hamburg and worked for five years at in communications and administration before returning to her Leipzig home. Jenny has also worked as a dancer and dance pedagogue for many years!

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