With our workshops, participants experience the thrill of tap dance and the creative process even without prior knowledge.

Grooves & Moves

This workshop allows participants with no previous experience to experience the thrill of tap dance. Members of the company will show them simple steps and rhythms, which will be combined into spacious sequences and engaging grooves. 

The workshop can take place not only in the theater, but anywhere there is space: a cafeteria, a gymnasium, a conference hall, or the marketplace. 

The workshop is perfect for people who like to move and experience for themselves how it feels to create rhythm and dance together. We assume that the participants have no previous experience and no tap shoes. 

Creating Dance

In this workshop, participants will go through the creative process of developing a piece in a rapid speed. After a dance warm-up, we create movement material from simple tasks motivated by content. The material will be filtered, refined, arranged and finally staged as a mini-performance in a group process. 

The participants will experience the different phases of choreographic work in telegram style, experience the power of swarm creativity and get to know Sebastian Weber’s technical and creative concepts. 

The content of the workshop will be adapted to the previous knowledge of the group and is also suitable for participants without dance experience.  

at least 4 hours 

Age recommendation


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