Dance Along Concert

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No previous experience is necessary – the Dance Along Concert is an invitation to everyone to rock out with a fantastic band. Sebastian Weber teaches a choreography using simple pictures, which everyone then dances as they please. The whole thing is fun and chaotic and after about 30 minutes, everyone is able to dance a choreography together that is fun and, despite its non-binding nature, also gives a glimpse into the workings of the Sebastian Weber Dance Company.

The event will be accompanied live by Mateus Schneider on guitar, Carl Wittig on double bass and Tom Friedrich on drums – a brilliant combo!

The concert will be framed by short performances by the company.

The concert is framed by short performances of the company. 

Duration: 60 min or by arrangement

Age recommendation: from 10 years 



Sat 17. 16:00 17:00
Stadt Meißen Markt 3
Sun 18. 14:00 15:00
Schönauer Parkfest Leipzig Schönauer Straße
Fri 30. 19:00 20:30
Christuskirchplatz Idar-Oberstein Hauptstraße 392