Now they’re doing television again. The story stays the same, we still can’t dance live for you, actually we wanted to show TOUCH at LOFFT – Das Theater and much more this April. After getting so much positive feedback on our first own TV show, let’s just get on with our

We mix what we like from talk show and late night: We answer questions in interviews, tell crazy anecdotes in various languages, play embarrassing party games – and of course dance. This time we show exclusive scenes from TOUCH – our duo about the power of touch. The star guest in this issue is the exceptional Spanish body percussionist Jep Meléndez from Tenerife, who shows excerpts from his latest solo and talks to us about the body as an instrument.

LATE NIGHT SHUFFLE is homemade, rough and unfinished. But full of heart and passion for dancing and for you!

The performance takes place at www.dringeblieben.de.


Regular: 8,00€
Reduced: 4,00€
Solo-Price: 15,00€

Created by and featuring Andrea Alvergue, Helen Duffy, Janne Eraker, Vilma Kananen, Nikolai Kemeny, Michela Pesce, Samuel Vère, Sebastian Weber

FILM CREW: www.verflimmert.com

PRODUCTION MANAGMENT Josepha Vogel PR Sebastian Göschel.

Late Night Shuffle is a production by the Sebastian Weber Dance Company, funded by the City of Leipzig Cultural Office and the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


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