Dance Tasting

What wine tasting is to wine, DANCE TASTING is to dance.

In a relaxed atmosphere we present a selection of different scenes from our repertoire. We tell you how and where these scenes were created, what they mean to us, what’s difficult or easy about them…

You can compare and ask, revisit certain moments or discover new details, and also hear anecdotes and background stories and find out what you like best.

For us too, this is an inspiring event, as we’re curious to know how our dance comes across. We don’t just want to dance for experts, but also for people who don’t look for their cultural experiences in an ivory tower.

DANCE TASTINGs are for people who sometimes wonder whether they really “understand” dance. They’re also ideal for dance enthusiasts who want to talk to us personally and learn about how we come up with our ideas. The event is also for anyone who just wants to spend a unique evening, where you can be a spectator and chat with other people.


75 Minutes

Recommended age

From 10 years


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Tap Dance for all

This workshop allows participants to experience the kick of tap dancing without any prior knowledge.