Company Workshops for tap dancers

Our Company Workshops are pocket-sized tap dance festivals. You train with different dancers from the Company and work intensively on everything that’s important to us when it comes to tap dance.

The workshop usually consists of five components:

Warm Up

Here the whole body is in motion to heat the engine up to operating temperature. No tap shoes required!

Tap Tech

Your daily dose of tap dancing technique: precision, sound, efficiency.


Music theory disguised as dancing fun; the groove moves from the head into the legs.


Clear exercises to develop your own voice.


All the individual aspects of the workshop combined in short choreographies!

The special thing about this workshop is that you train with at least five different dancers from the Company and experience completely different approaches, which complement each other perfectly. We sweat, train and learn together and the fun factor is huge!

Company Workshops are aimed at tap dancers of various ability levels and usually take place in collaboration with local dance schools.


3 – 5 hours per group, also over several days, for tap dancers


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Tap Workshops with
Sebastian Weber

Sebastian Weber teaches both classic and tailor-made tap dance workshops for participants of all levels.