CABOOM is a dance about chaos. About the fears and uncertainties that create chaos. But it’s also about adventures and the opportunities that arise from chaos.

CABOOM was our first production as a new team. With it, we reinvented ourselves as a company, abandoned our theory of tap dance and came up with a new one. It was a chaotic, confusing process. At the same time, it was playful and deadly serious, daring and vulnerable. We’ve learned to surf the wave of chaos: not anxiously, but flexibly and with our eyes open.

The finished piece lives on this energy. It’s raw and unpolished, defiant and reckless, then again tender and nimble. To perform it, 100 percent of energy is not enough – we always need 150. It’s always all or nothing.

In CABOOM, you can rediscover tap dance: The musical energy of tap is combined with contemporary dance and forms a powerful image. Pulsating grooves create a frenzy of images that only we can recount.

A great evening. The new piece by the Sebastian Weber Dance Company will nix almost every existing idea you have had of tap dance.

Katharina Stork, Leipziger Volkszeitung

[...] no matter whether it is the minimal steps at the beginning and at the end, the extensive, intense outbreaks in between or the one-on-one stories, which are only told with bodies and a few facial expressions.
It is full of dedication and energy, precision and good ideas. It is furious, intoxicating and, by the way, quite excellent.
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Andrea Alvergue
Helen Duffy
Janne Eraker
Nik Kemeny
Sebastian Weber

Sebastian Weber + Company

Michela Pesce

Tom Dachs

Gesa Volland and Sebastian Weber GbR in cooperation with LOFFT — Das Theater

Funded by
City of Leipzig, Cultural Office
Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony
DansBrabant (NL)


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