Sebastian Weber


Sebastian Weber began his career in the early 90s, when he met and danced with legendary tap dance masters such as Chuck Green and Buster Brown in New York. Inspired and supported by the collaboration and friendship with these charismatic role models, Weber developed an unconventional, lanky, highly individual dance style that is characterized by passionate improvisations, technical strength and musical creativity.

Weber dances all over Europe, the USA, West Africa and China, as well as for various TV shows, commercials, a motion picture and even a full radio concert at ORF, an honor that has rarely been bestowed on a tap dancer since the invention of television.

As a choreographer, he has been producing multi-genre productions since 1998, which have repeatedly been recognized by fundings from the city, state and federal governments. He received the Leipzig movement art award (Leipziger Bewegungskunstpreis) twice. As a teacher, he gives regular classes at his own “Tanzerei Flugfisch” in Leipzig. He is also teaches workshops internationally.


Stockholm Tap Festival
Int. Heritage Festival, Nanjing, China
Tanz in Winterthur
Nit de Claque, Reus, Spanien
Das Fest, Karlsruhe
New York City Tap Festival
TapOnBarcelona, Barcelona
The New York City Fringe Festival
Human Rhythm Project, Heidelberg
MOMfest, Austin, Texas
Phones Percussion Festival, Athen
Monumenta, Dortmund
Tap Ahead Festivals, Düsseldorf
Terrassa Jazz Festival, Spanien
Moves 2001 in Lörrach
Int. Tanzfestival Kassel
Int. Leipziger Jazztage

TV + Cinema

CABOOM short films, Best Dance Award MarDelDance Filmfestival 2018, Semi-Finalist @ Int. Music Video Underground (Best Dance), Official Selection @ Iowa Int. ScreeenDance Festival 2018, EnCore: Dance on Film 2018, Lightmoves Festival onf Screendance 2018, 3 Minute Film Festival 2018.

Liebeslied. Regie: Anne Hoegh-Krohn, Produktion: Flying Moon Productions, 2008: Choreographie und Double der Steptanzszene. Kinostart Herbst 2009.

Tyskie-Beer (Polen) TV-Spot. Regie: Tim Günther, Produktion: Tango Productions Warszaw. 2007: Steptanz-Solist und Choreographie

T-Mobile Austria, TV- und Kinospot. Regie: Cadmo Quintero, Close Up Filmproduktion GmbH, 2007: Choreographie, Coaching und Steptanz-Double

HSBC Turkey, TV-Spot. Regie: Umur Turagay, Produktion: PTT Films Istanbul, 2007: Steptanzsolist.

HSBC Turkey, Follow-Spot. Regie: Umur Turagay, Produktion: PTT Films Istanbul, 2007: Solo-Feature vor Animation.

Tap-O-Rär. Tanzfilm, Regie: Peter Kreutz, Produktion: aquafilm, arte, D 2002: Choreographie und Tanz.

Stamp. Tanzfilm, Regie: Peter Kreutz, Produktion: aquafilm, arte, D 2002: Steptänzer.


Weber is as far removed from the Fred Astaire elegance of Hollywood musicals as Pina Bausch from “Swan Lake” or Free Jazz from Dixie.


Weber can lead increasing energy from gentle touches of the toes to the highly raised arms, he can develop the movement out of breath and then let it pass into the sounds of his moving body. That is great!


Weber turned his whole body into a musical instrument.


Sebastian Weber in Benin

Creative City Portrait by Alina Cyranek