a hybrid of cultures & klischees


Dancing Fictional Folklore

In FOLK FICTION, the Sebastian Weber Dance Company invents its own folklore: a raucous mix of cultures and clichés, at the same time superficial and archaic, laughable and powerful, fictitious and real.

The piece is a tumultuous commentary on questions of collective identity and finds its answers in the hybrid, the irritating, the constantly changing.


Rehearsal photos from the first research week in Leipzig. By Jörg Singer:

Performance funding

After COWBOYS, FOLK FICTION is the second full-length piece of the multi-year TAP TRANSFORM project and is funded in the Doppelpass Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. The cooperation between LOFFT — The Theater, the Theater Koblenz and the Sebastian Weber Dance Company lasts until the end of 2020 and is dedicated to the development of a visually powerful, grooving and dramaturgically conclusive form of contemporary tap dance.

As part of the Doppelpass programme, guest performances of the productions are particularly supported. The aim is to expand a sustainable network of production partners for the Sebastian Weber Dance Company.

production details


approx. 75 minutes


7 Dancers
1 assistant
1 technician (on demand)


Minimum 10 x 10 m, black box, wooden floor or black dance rug on wooden floor

With a good local technical team, setup and performance are possible on the same day.

Cast & Credits


Andrea Alvergue
Helen Duffy
Janne Eraker
Vilma Kananen
Nikolai Kemeny
Samuel Vére
Sebastian Weber


Sebastian Weber + Company

Choreography assistance

Michela Pesce, Andrea Alvergue


Steffen Fuchs

Costume design

Anna Spenn

Production Management

Josepha Vogel


Tom Dachs (poster and stage photos)

Jörg Singer (social media content, rehearsal and backstage)


Gesa Volland and Sebastian Weber GbR in partnership with Theater Koblenz and LOFFT — Das Theater.

Funded by

German Federal Cultural Foundation, Fonds Doppelpass
Cultural Foundation of the State of Saxony
City of Leipzig, Kulturamt