A glaring dance spectacle about populists in power


COWBOYS is a glaring, boisterous, frantic dance piece about populists in power.

It celebrates the brazenness and egomania, the rumbling self-confidence and the ruthlessness, with which the populists take the law into their own hands. It boasts the feverish underdogs, who make those cowboys their heroes. And the mainstream liberals, who fuel the engine with their honesty and outrage.

Somewhere on the perimeter, one can see the avowed, mythical enemy of the cowboys: the Islam, the establishment, the liberals, the Jews — depending on zeitgeist and location. And because the cowboys always have to shoot somebody, death also dances along.

COWBOYS is a cracking symbiosis of brilliant tap dancing and a crude, exuberant, infuriated physicality of movement. Eruptive, bold, intoxicating.

COWBOYS Video Trailer

Press about COWBOYS

[…] And that with highly sensitive footwork, at times one is tempted to speak of “tap romance”, of tapped tenderness. As if one tried to dance up against the rampant self-destruction, that quite literally has dancers fall on the wayside.

In the end, when the cracking hero stories have faded, when that search starts, when the dance emanates sounds that feel like moments of internalisation, with movements and postures of meditative power, then it becomes clear that that explosive escape into a narcissistic heroism was just that: an escape and not a way.

But that this dance company is on its way, that cannot be missed. That their particular and so uniquely invigorated dance technique may make them find very distinct ways in the labyrinth of contemporary dance, that is joyfully noticable.

Boris Michael Gruhl, tanznetz.de

When a collective wall of energy crashes down on the audience though music and dance. Or when, in contrast, Helen Duffy taps barfoot and adds an immensely delicate and softly flowing quality to the movement staccato. Which is in a strange way similarly touching as that moment when Janne Eraker in sight of the public turns into a bufalo with nothing but her movement abilities. And that the band attends this transformation in silence indicates a dramaturgic instinct, that makes this silence open space. Become vasteness – vasteness of the Great Plaines.

[…] it seems like a reference to times long gone, when the dancing still helped, because it was a holy and healing act.

Steffen Georgi, Leipziger Volkszeitung


COWBOYS is the first of two pieces TAP TRANSFORM, a project funded by the Doppelpass Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. This cooperation of LOFFT – Das Theater, Theater Koblenz and Sebastian Weber Dance Company lasts until the end of 2020 and is dedicated to an ambitious development of a visually strong, highly musical, and dramaturgically sound form of contemporary tap dance.

This special grant also allows for guest performances of the production to receive additional funds. The goal of this additional funding is to develope a sustainable network of production partners for the Sebastian Weber Dance Company.

production details


75 minutes


7 dancers
3 musicians
1 assistant
1 technician on demand


minimum 10 x 10 m, black box, wood floor or black dance carpet on wood floor

Set up and performance are possible on the same day, if a strong and motivated tech team is present at the venue.

cast & team


Andrea Alvergue
Helen Duffy
Janne Eraker
Vilma Kananen
Nikolai Kemeny
Samuel Vére
Sebastian Weber


Werner Neumann (g)
Steffen Greisiger (organ)
Tom Friedrich (dr)


Sebastian Weber + Company

choreography assistance

Michela Pesce

original music

Werner Neumann, Steffen Greisiger

dramaturgic advice

Lidy Mouw
Guy Cools

light design

Jakob Bauer

production management

Josepha Vogel


Tom Dachs


Gesa Volland und Sebastian Weber GbR in cooperation with
LOFFT — Das Theater

funded by

Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Fonds Doppelpass
Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Stadt Leipzig, Kulturamt