Workshops in Cologne and Kassel

Stepptanz in KölnI will teach a workshop at Labor Ost in Kassel October 7th – 9th. In addition to “ordinary” tap classes, there will be a body percussion special there. Download the workshop flyer for more details.

Two weeks later, I teach at the tap club in Cologne. That is October 21. – 23.  That workshop is particularly exciting to me, because I introduce my latest, greatest discovery for the first time, a technical approach to tap that I call the CABOOM technique.  It’s a bundle of pretty simple ideas of movement analysis and coordination, that I’m stealing from contemporary dance and the Laban / Bartenieff movement fundamentals. Applying those to tap has major effects on the dynamics and inner logic of tap sequences and really sets free new qualities of spatial movement. And it’s really fun, because the movement gets bigger and easier and looks better, too. I’m obsessed by it, and plan to dig deeper with some amazing movement experts over the next few months.

In the meantime, I release the intermediate results in Cologne and am very curious to see what you all think! (To be on the safe side, I doubled the class time, so we have plenty of time to check things out.)

All information can be found on the workshop flyer. Cologne has been sold out quickly the last few times, so if you know you want to come, it’s probably good to book early.