Syd O’Noo goes again…

Berlin_Events We are starting the second round: Leipzig, Berlin and lots of extras:

February 26th – 28th we will play THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO at the LOFFT again. Tickets are available at the LOFFT website.

This time, there also is an introduction the the event by Janne Eraker! And not the boring kind of theoretical lecture, but a great hands-on physical introduction by the great and highly professional tap dancer from Norway. Admission is free, I think. (Really?) But you should probably sign up!

One weekend later we are in Berlin. On March 5th, THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO will be presented in a “studio showing” with reduced technical complexity at Blue Tap, the place that is rumored to have the best tap floor in the country. And in Berlin, too, there are some great extras: first, there is the “Frühstücksfernsehen” (breakfast TV) with video footage and background info from the research trip to the masters of tap dance in the US, that Stéphane Bittoun and Sebastian did in preparation for their production. Then there is a workshop, offering original material from THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO. Check the separate flyer for all related info.