In conversation with Travis Knights

22. April 2016

The amazing Canadian tap dancer Travis Knights has been recording interviews and discussions with tap dancers he meets on his travels for a few years now. He created some fantastic videos and audio podcasts, that convey the individual perspectives of some great dance personalities. I can absolutely recommend his Youtube and Soundcloudchannels.

Now, I am very honored to be included in his series by his publishing a skype conversation we had about the influence of old tap masters and the potential and limits of improvisation and choreography in contemporary tap. You can listen to the conversation here:  

Syd O’Noo goes again…

12. February 2016

Berlin_Events We are starting the second round: Leipzig, Berlin and lots of extras:

February 26th – 28th we will play THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO at the LOFFT again. Tickets are available at the LOFFT website.

This time, there also is an introduction the the event by Janne Eraker! And not the boring kind of theoretical lecture, but a great hands-on physical introduction by the great and highly professional tap dancer from Norway. Admission is free, I think. (Really?) But you should probably sign up!

One weekend later we are in Berlin. On March 5th, THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO will be presented in a “studio showing” with reduced technical complexity at Blue Tap, the place that is rumored to have the best tap floor in the country. And in Berlin, too, there are some great extras: first, there is the “Frühstücksfernsehen” (breakfast TV) with video footage and background info from the research trip to the masters of tap dance in the US, that Stéphane Bittoun and Sebastian did in preparation for their production. Then there is a workshop, offering original material from THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO. Check the separate flyer for all related info.

Interview about “The Legend of Syd O’Noo”

12. February 2016

To document the productions funded by the “Tanzfonds Erbe” (Dance Heritage Fund), the DIEHL+RITTER agency commissions video interviews with the directors and choreographers involved. Andrea Keiz was asked to interview us. Here is her film.

Interview zu: Stéphane Bittoun/Sebastian Weber DIE LEGENDE VON SYD O’NOO from DIEHL+RITTER on Vimeo.

Stephan König Trio feat. Sebastian Weber

10. February 2016

Koenig-trio-feat-SW_600 The “Musikalische Komödie”, the long-standing musical and operetta venue of Leipzigs opera house, starts a new series of “Jazz on Mondays”.  To kick off the new format, the trio of Leipzig’s renowned pianist Stephan König presents its “rhythmic encounters” featuring tap dancer Sebastian Weber. The program promises “tap dance as a listening pleasure”. Check it out on March 7th, 8pm. Tickets sold here.

The Press about “The Legend of Syd O’Noo”

4. February 2016

syd4 The first performances of our dance|film|theater production “The legend of Syd O’Noo” are done. Here are some excerpts of the reviews:

In the Leipziger Volkszeitung, Boris Gruhl seems happy that one can “forget Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers” while watching our play and resumes:

In “The Legend of Syd O’Noo”, one can experience equally strong and deeply touching dance scenes, in which technique — although perfectly mastered — yields precedence to the delicacy of expression. Weber taps softly. From the gentle touch on the floor, he can move the rising energy up into the highly lifted arms, he can generate movement from breath and then develope that into sounds of his stirring body. That is tops!

Sound and movement correspond like they rarely do in dance theater — just one reason, why “The Legend of Syd O’Noo is long, but magnificent.

Leipzigs monthly magazine “Der Kreuzer” gives a special recommendation to our “quasi-documentary worth watching” and Tobias Prüwer writes in his review: | weiterlesen… »

New production blends tap, acting, film, and live music

20. April 2015

52nd_St_Sys_O_Noo_600Great news! After the LOFFT Leipzig and the State Endowment for the Arts have approved support of our new production THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO a few months ago, now the prestigious Tanzfonds Erbe of the National Endowment for the Arts sent their approval, too! We are now officially a “Tanzfonds Erbe Project”! This means that the funding of our project is secured and we can get to work!

THE LEGEND OF SYD O’NOO will be a wild mix of dance, acting, film, and live music and is my second collaboration with author-director Stéphane Bittoun from Frankfurt. We already worked together in my last piece SYNCHRONZEUGEN, but then the time and monetary pressure was so overwhelming, that I was permanently close to nervous breakdown and the production was completed only several weeks after opening night.  This will be different this time:

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Blind Date at Leipzig’s hippest dance festival!

16. April 2015

TanzoffensiveOff an on over the past twenty years, I had the opportunity to perform a “blind date” on stage – an entirely improvised first encounter before an audience. However, rarely have I been that clueless as to who I might meet on stage! Not even the festival program gives any hint at who my partners might be. Pure improv, real real time. I love it!

The “Tanzoffensive” is Leipzigs vibrant festival for contemporary dance. This years edition focuses on productions that blend contemporary dance with show business in some way or another. You can find all informations about the Tanzoffensive 2015 on the website of the LOFFT theater.

The Blind Date happens on May 8th, 8pm at the LOFFT Leipzig.

Workshop in Freiburg

25. January 2015

Steptanz-Workshop-S-Weber-2015_160Happy to announce, the opportunity of a workshop in my old home town Freiburg appeared on short notice: Vivian Kleiser organizes the classes in the studio of the Musical TAP Company on March 14th + 15th. In addition to two “normal” workshops for adv beginners and int/advanced levels, there will be special classes in “Groove Training” and Improvisation. Check the  workshop flyer for details.

6 Workshops + Performance + Film: the Berlin Tap Project

15. October 2014

Berlin_Tap_www_hoch2-200I am excited to announce a brand-new, ambitious workshop format in collaboration with Blue Tap Berlin: the BERLIN TAP PROJECT will rehearse, film, and perform a multi-part a capella choreography with advanced tap dancers between December 2014 and April 2015. The project consists of six weekend-workshops, two days each, with 5-6 hours of rehearsal and training per day! Apart from working on the choreography, we will also develope our technical, musical, and improvisational skills. The final piece will put powerful uni-sono passages next to intricate counterpoints and will also open up inspired spaces for solo and duo features.

The continuous and intensive work in a set group of dancers will allow us to dig deep into all those things that are usually only touched superficially in “ordinary workshops” and we will work on our stuff until it is fit for performance. (After all, instead of the three hours you might spend in a normal workshop, this project has more than twenty times as much studio time…)

The beautiful studio and floor of Blue Tap in Berlin provides the perfect environment for a performance and to make it last a little longer, we will also take the time to have the choreography filmed professionally. As a participant you may use the video for your own, non-commercial purposes (such as self-marketing).

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Site maintenance…

11. September 2014

I am reprogramming this website. It will be bilingual! However, for the next few days things might be a little rough here and some of the content will not be accessible. It won’t take long, though…