New tap dance production premiers

Stepptanz Company LeipzigReady, go! We are diving into the final rehearsals for CABOOM, the new production of the Sebastian Weber Dance Company!

CABOOM connects the musical punch of tap with the visual power of contemporary dance: a pulsating, passionate, rough piece about chaos in life and society.

Chaos is, when situations become unpredictable. When levees break and plans fail, when everything happens at once or all turns out different than expected. Chaos makes individuals and whole societies stumble.

CABOOM celebrates the creative potential of chaos in a multilayered composition for five dancers. The dates are:

10.11.17 Ludwigstheater Aschaffenburg

11.11.17 Ludwigstheater Aschaffenburg

12.11.17 Ludwigstheater Aschaffenburg

24.11.17 Blue Tap Berlin

25.11.17 Blue Tap Berlin

01.12.17 LOFFT Leipzig

02.12.17 LOFFT Leipzig

03.12.17 LOFFT Leipzig

08.03.18 LOFFT Leipzig

09.03.18 LOFFT Leipzig

10.03.18 LOFFT Leipzig


Here is a short glimpse at our first rehearsal stretch at DansBrabant in Tilburg:  

CABOOM residency at DansBrabant in Tilburg from Sebastian Weber on Vimeo.