Looking for contemporary dancers!

For a research project with performance from June 12th – 18th 2017 at the LOFFT Leipzig, I am looking for 4 – 6 very strong contemporary dancers.

In a week-long residency at LOFFT – Das Theater, I want to explore the potential of transfering methods of tap dance to contemporary dance. Among others, it is about questions like:

> How can the precise musicality of tap dance be realized in contemporary dance movement? To what extend can or should the inherent sound of dance be utilized or enhanced? How can clear relationships between sound and movement be established?

> How would contemporary dancers use the movement repertoire of tap?

> How can methods of thematic movement research that are common in contemporary dance be applied to or combined with tap dance?

To work on these questions, I have prepared the following activities:

> technical and thematic improvisation tasks

> Learning, adapting and manipulating a tap dance sequence without tap technique using the skills and methods of the contemporary dancers

> shared rhythm and groove training

> trials of musical composition of movement

> methods of reflection and shared development of further experiments and tasks

The residency is meant to be an open, experimental peer-learning experience and trusts in the creativity and curiosity of the participants. The aim is to distill specific approaches for choreographic work and directly test those approaches. The process will be documented on video and on Saturday, June 17th, there will be a public studio-showing at the LOFFT Theater.


In some parts of the research, we will try to develope convincing movement vocabulary to a given topic. The topic for these tasks is „Chaos and Complexity“. A description from this perspective can already be found in the LOFFT program: http://lofft.de/web/aktuell.php?nr=763


For participation, an remuneration of 500 € per dancer is planned. However, the budget for this project has not been secured yet! Due to pending grant decisions, the finances of the residency will only be clear a few days before the start of the event. This means that – as of now – you cannot rely on this income!

Dates and place

The residency takes place June 12th – 18th. Rehearsals are planned Monday through Friday fom 10am to 4 pm. On Saturday, there will be the performance in the evening and rehearsals prior upon agreement. Sunday is an extra day which we will only use, if we decide to reflect things we learned in performance the night before or if we decide to film parts of the material separately.

Location is LOFFT – Das Theater at Lindenauer Markt 21 in Leipzig.


Ideal partners are professional contemporary dancers with strong contemporary technique, high musicality and a good amout of curiosity for this kind of process.

If you would like to a part of this, please send an email with some brief informations about yourself to office@sebastianweber.de . If you can, please include a link to your website or online videos. I am looking forward to your mail!