Looking for Tap Dancers

tap dance audition 2018/19 For our next production COWBOYS, we are looking for two additional tap dancers with very strong tap technique, musicality, and improv skills. Please check our audition notice (PDF) for details.

Doppelpass Fund for SWDC’s TAP TRANSFORM


Great news for the Sebastian Weber Dance Company: the jury of the German Federal Cultural Foundation has picked our TAP TRANSFORM project for a “Fonds Doppelpass” grant! TAP TRANSFORM is a comprehensive collaboration with LOFFT – Das Theater and the Theater Koblenz, which will help us raise the development of our own, unique aesthetics for contemporary tap dance to a new level.  | weiterlesen… »

CABOOM Trailer

“Thrilling tap dance, that levers out visual habits” — read the euphoric review at Leipziger Volkszeitung.

New tap dance production premiers

Stepptanz Company LeipzigReady, go! We are diving into the final rehearsals for CABOOM, the new production of the Sebastian Weber Dance Company!

CABOOM connects the musical punch of tap with the visual power of contemporary dance: a pulsating, passionate, rough piece about chaos in life and society.

Chaos is, when situations become unpredictable. When levees break and plans fail, when everything happens at once or all turns out different than expected. Chaos makes individuals and whole societies stumble.

CABOOM celebrates the creative potential of chaos in a multilayered composition for five dancers. The dates are:

10.11.17 Ludwigstheater Aschaffenburg

11.11.17 Ludwigstheater Aschaffenburg

12.11.17 Ludwigstheater Aschaffenburg

24.11.17 Blue Tap Berlin

25.11.17 Blue Tap Berlin

01.12.17 LOFFT Leipzig

02.12.17 LOFFT Leipzig

03.12.17 LOFFT Leipzig

08.03.18 LOFFT Leipzig

09.03.18 LOFFT Leipzig

10.03.18 LOFFT Leipzig


Here is a short glimpse at our first rehearsal stretch at DansBrabant in Tilburg:  

CABOOM residency at DansBrabant in Tilburg from Sebastian Weber on Vimeo.

What is CABOOM?

Fresh online: in this short video, Sebastian introduces his new CABOOM method. The full interview is on Sebastians Youtube-Channel.

CABOOM Research-Workshop in Berlin


In two intensive weekends, this workshop delves into creating an enhanced movement aesthetics for choreographed tap dance. | weiterlesen… »

First Caboom Residency at LOFFT Leipzig

Mid June, we started the choreographic research for a new project during a week-long residency at the LOFFT. The week was geared at finding movement ideas for the theme of chaos and complexity. These movements will later a basis for further choreographic work and were presented in a short showing.

CABOOM Parameters

CABOOM Stepptanz

These notes are meant as a study resource for the participants of Sebastian Weber’s CABOOM workshops. If you have not attended a workshop, please be aware, that the information here might be incomplete.

Caboom is a comprehensive (and still developing!) approach to exhance visual qualities and expand the movement vocabulary for tap dance choreography.

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Looking for contemporary dancers!

For a research project with performance from June 12th – 18th 2017 at the LOFFT Leipzig, I am looking for 4 – 6 very strong contemporary dancers.

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CABOOM residency workshops in Barcelona

Casa Luthier, Barcelonas leading school of music and dance, will host a week-long CABOOM-workshop April 3rd – 8th.

CABOOM is Sebastian Webers current research and choreography project. Its aim is to create an improved movement language and choreographic toolset for tap dancers. | weiterlesen… »