Blind Date


BLIND DATE was  series of improvisational performances curated by Sebastian Weber and Sebastian Göschel in 2016. Each installment brought dancers, musicians and performers of other genres together in an unplanned encounter.

Sophie Stephan created these short video clips of statements on improvisation by all participants.

Martina Hajdyla Lacová

Matthias Muche

Raphael Hillebrandt

Ildiko Toth

Aliashka Hilsum

Stephan König

Sari Palmgren

Die Gräfin

Illia Bukharov

Sebastian Weber

The Blind Dates

A “Blind Date” is a rendezvous of people who have not met before.  Likewise, the artists presented at this series performed together with no preparation or plan.

Each Blind Date presented three artists, two of which were usually dancers. The audience first saw a solo performance by each artist, then the improvisation began.

Blind Date #1

Each performance was set in a different hotel. The first installment took place at the “Heartbreak Hotel” and featured Berlin hip hop artist Raphael Hillebrand, contemporary dancer Martina Hajdyla Lacová from Prag and Leipzig’s pianist Stephan König.

Blind Date #2

The second Blind Date turned the LOFFT into a deserted “Hotel Astoria”. Performers were contemporary dancers Ildiko Toth and Aliashka Hilsum and experimental trombone player Matthias Muche from Cologne.

Blind Date #3

The mix of artists at the third Blind Date was particularly interesting: contemporary dancer and actress Sari Palmgren from Finnland performed with Leipzig Ballett soloist Illia Bukharov and the chain smoking puppet “Die Gräfin”.  This Blind Date was set at the Aloha Resort on Hawaii and highlighted the closure of the series with a nice after show party…