CABOOM Workshops in Barcelona

Casa Luthier, Barcelonas leading school of music and dance, will host a week-long CABOOM-workshop April 3rd – 8th.

CABOOM is Sebastian Webers current research and choreography project. Its aim is to create an improved movement language and choreographic toolset for tap dancers.

Developed in collaboration with movement analysts and contemporary choreographers, the basic idea of CABOOM is to uncover the functional core of choreographic sequences and to identify, which movement parameters are meaningful. Once these parameters are identified, the dancers are empowered to communicate, synchronize, or manipulate aspects of movement that might have previously been overlooked. While this helps to reveal movement blocks and unused potential for the individual dancer, it also broadens choreographic options for the ensemble immensly.

In essence, CABOOM strives to create an integrated movement technique, which enables tap dancers to move more spaceously, dynamically, expressively without losing the core qualities that define tap, namely the authenticity of the dancers and the expert musicality of the dance.

In Barcelona, two workshops are offered:

CABOOM: introduced

In 5 classes of one hour each, the central ideas of CABOOM are studied on the basis of a slow intermediate choreography. We investigate parameters such as axial coordination, rotation and turns, centrifugal and sagital forces, individual kinesphere and more and identify where these concepts are relevant to traditional and contemporary tap sequences.

CABOOM: applied

In 5 classes of 2 1/2 hours each, we develope an ensemble choreography utilizing the CABOOM concepts to expand, synchronize and manipulate visual aspects of the dance and using that capacity to create interesting ensemble compositions.

While the „CABOOM: applied“ workshop is self-contained, it also serves as an audition opportunity for dancers who are qualified and interested to participate in the creation of a short dance film by Sebastian Weber in the summer.

For registration and information, visit the website of Casa Luthier.